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BACAC is one of the leading athletic clubs in the South and East of England & we cater for athletes of all ages and abilities. The club competes at the highest levels in Track & Field Athletics, Road Racing and Cross Country Running.

All sections of the club, men and women, young and old, are achieving success on the track, in the field, over the country and on the roads. Our home track is

Bedford International Athletics Stadium.

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New club members

Club representatives will be available to offer advice about how to join the club at our front desk to the left of Reception at Bedford International Athletic Stadium (BIAS) on our designated club nights of Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.  

In most cases you will be able to pay the trial fee and take part that evening. Occasionally, due to start times or capacity constraints we may ask you to come back another week to start.  However, we would encourage you to arrive with appropriate kit to take part and with completed membership and health forms. New Members Contact.

Aspiring new club members aged 7-11 should attend our Saturday morning Beagles sessions. See our Beagles page and then progress on to Passport to Athletics group. See our Passport page.    

Aspiring new members in schools years 6 (age 10/11) to 9 (age 13/14).

We have various options for this age range as they will not always know what event to try and they often have limited athletic experience. There is increasing evidence that youngsters should follow a multi-disciplinary approach at this age as this is more likely to produce a better all round athlete in the longer term. We will encourage young athletes to pursue more than one event - or even multiple events - early in their athletic journey. However we do recognise that some young athletes will want to focus on a particular event and that early specialisation can result in faster short term progress. This can also be instrumental maintaining the athletes motivation needed to train seriously.

Aspiring new members in school years 10 (age 14/15) and above and adults will typically already have some athletic experience and a clear desire to pursue a preferred event. The wishes of the athlete will always be respected and this normally makes the choice of training group straightforward. We can often offer a multi-event group option if this is preferred.

All available options are subject to our coaching group capacity constraints and there may be waiting lists for particular groups at times.

Most groups are held on a Tuesday and Thursday from 6.15pm or 6.30pm, although a number do start at 5.30pm. Please discuss this when applying for temporary membership.

The options are:

Taster and Introductory Multi-event Groups

 A Taster Group running on Thursdays.  More information below.

 A General Fitness group, for those unsure as to their preferred discipline, but who want to improve their overall fitness

Specialist Groups

 Specialist sprint-based group - some groups also offer basic Long Jump training. Available for year 8 (age 12/13) and above only.

 Endurance/ Middle Distance group - these athletes can be a "breed apart" even at an early age but that even they can benefit in the longer term from an holistic approach at this stage of development.

 Specialist Technical group - exceptionally, some young athletes have a desire and proven skills in a specialist technical event. We may place them directly into a specialist group. Examples are heavy throws, javelin, pole vault, high jump, sprint hurdles, and long jump.

 A Multi-event group, giving a range of run, jump & throws training. This may lead to pursuit of combined events or a later specialisation in any one event.

Taster Group:

This is aimed at school year 5 (age 9/10) upwards –there is no specific upper age limit but we anticipate that it would appeal to those up to year 8 (age 12/13) at school. This will be on a Thursday night only and run from 5.30pm until 6.30pm.  

Trial/ Temporary Membership:

We offer a temporary 4 week trial membership at a cost of £20.00.  This will be deducted from your membership fee if you join.

Details of all other membership categories and fees can be found elsewhere on the website.

Ethos of the club:

As a club we at Bedford & County promote athletics as a competitive sport not just as a healthy pastime. We believe that the competitive element opens the way to many additional benefits and experiences, but this attitude must not be confused with elitism. All our athletes across all age groups can be competitive at their own level. For the stronger athletes winning is an inevitable bi-product of this, but this does not mean that a sense of real achievement cannot be enjoyed as personal bests are improved without the need to win every time.

Our club coaches want to put the focus of their efforts on the athletes who want to be the best that they can be rather than those who are just turning up for something to do.

Membership Forms & Fees:  You can find all the information here